FAQ: How To Get To North Stradbroke Island From Brisbane?

Can I take my car to North Stradbroke Island?

While you can’t drive to Stradbroke Island, you can access the island by car via a vehicle taxi. Once on the island, you only need a 2WD car to access the three main townships – Dunwich, Amity, and Point Lookout – which are connected by sealed roads. A 4WD is only required for travelling over the beaches.

Is North Stradbroke Island worth it?

The Island is very beautiful, well worth seeing. There are good walks around the Island, all well signposted. We did one which followed the shoreline, all craggy and wild, finding wonderful desserted beaches, magic. I forgot to mention that when you arrive on Stradbroke Is.

Can you do a day trip to North Stradbroke Island?

It is surprisingly inexpensive to take a day trip to North Stradbroke Island when you leave your car in the ferry parking lot and take a passenger ferry or water taxi. It is quite easy to get around Straddie on foot and via the bus. Catch the bus up to Point Lookout. A daily bus ticket is about $9.

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Where does North Stradbroke ferry leave from?

The SeaLink passenger ferry departs from the second terminal location at both Cleveland and Dunwich (North Stradbroke Island). Council parking is available on the opposite side of the road to our terminal as well as along Middle Street heading down to the terminal locations.

Which Stradbroke Island is better?

South Stradbroke Island is much less developed, with fewer tourists and locals roaming around. If you prefer the quiet life, the South is perfect for you, as it is filled with unspoiled scenery and tranquil activities.

Is there Uber on North Stradbroke Island?

It is approximately 20kms across the island. There is a small taxi company Stradbroke Cab Service on the island and their number is 0408 193 685. There are currently no Uber Services on North Stradbroke Island.

Do I need a 4WD for North Stradbroke Island?

The island can be accessed by water taxi or vehicle ferry. You don’t need a 4WD to get on the car ferry and if you’re staying for a few days it’s a great idea to take your car for ease of movement around the island.

Is it safe to swim at Stradbroke island?

The beaches on North Stradbroke Island are crystal clear and the island is blessed with wonderful weather all year round meaning no matter when you visit you can still swim! Just make sure you choose patrolled beaches when swimming in the sea.

Can you walk around Stradbroke Island?

Stradbroke Flyer Make your way across then use the local bus, walk or cycle around the island. There are two ways to do this, you can go as a walk-on passenger on the vehicle ferry or the faster and more comfortable option we prefer is to take the Stradbroke Flyer.

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Can you stay on North Stradbroke Island?

Accommodation: Point Lookout is the tourist centre of the island with an array of resorts and apartments available. There’s also a backpackers lodge at Adder Rock with its own scuba centre – the only one on the island!

What should I pack for Stradbroke Island?

Bedding & Sleeping Checklist Inflatable mattress or an air pump mattress. Make sure you bring patches or a repair kit for the mattress in case you get holes in it! Sheets & Blankets. If you’re camping in winter, it’s good to bring an extra blanket for the really cold nights!

Do I need to book ferry to Stradbroke Island?

Bookings are highly recommended for vehicular travel to or from North Stradbroke Island.

Is there public transport on Stradbroke Island?

The bus meets the water taxi services as they arrive in Dunwich, and transports passengers to Point Lookout, Amity Point or bus stops en route. The bus service also transports passengers from bus stops around the Island back to the water taxi services.

Can you take dogs to North Stradbroke Island?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Stradbroke Island. Your furry friend can travel with you on both the water taxi and vehicle ferry. You’ll also find several dog-friendly accommodation options at Point Lookout and Amity Point, as well as foreshore camping sites on Main and Flinders Beach that permit pets.

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