FAQ: How To Get To Sunshine Coast From Brisbane?

Is there a train between Brisbane and Sunshine Coast?

Queensland Rail operates regular electric train services between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The main station for the Sunshine Coast is at Nambour, 101 kilometres north of Brisbane (which usually takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes minutes from Brisbane’s Central Station).

Can you catch a train from Brisbane Airport to Sunshine Coast?

The best way to get from Brisbane Airport (BNE) to Sunshine Coast is to train which takes 2h 53m and costs $75 – $100. Alternatively, you can bus and line 600 bus and line 620 bus, which costs $40 – $70 and takes 4h.

Is there a bus from Brisbane to Noosa?

Is there a direct bus between Brisbane and Noosa Heads? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Brisbane and arriving at Noosa Junction. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 2h 10m.

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How far is Brisbane from Sunshine Beach?

The distance between Brisbane and Sunshine Coast is 103 km. The road distance is 119.6 km.

How do I get from Brisbane to Byron Bay?

There are a number of shuttle services that run daily from Brisbane to Byron Bay. Greyhound and Premier Coaches also service the Brisbane to Byron Bay route. Greyhound and Premier Coaches have services from Sydney to Byron Bay. If you fly into Ballina there are numerous shuttle services to Byron Bay.

How much does an uber cost from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast?

Uber can get you from: Brisbane Airport to Brisbane CBD, starting at $32. Brisbane Airport to South Bank, starting at $34. Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast, starting at $102.

How much is train from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

Fare and total travel time estimates: The trip time for the train from Brisbane city to Surfers Paradise/Broadbeach/Main Beach/Southport is approx 1 HR and 49 MIN. Est. cost $15.20 (cheaper with a go card)

How do I get to Noosa from the airport?

The closest airport to Noosa is the Sunshine Coast Airport located half an hour’s drive south in Maroochydoore. Direct flights operate from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne taking approximately 30 minutes, 1 hour and 25 minutes and 2 hours and 25 minutes respectively.

How much does it cost to get from Brisbane Airport to Noosa?

The quickest way to get from Brisbane Airport (BNE) to Noosa Heads is to drive which costs $16 – $25 and takes 1h 35m. Is there a direct bus between Brisbane Airport (BNE) and Noosa Heads?

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Is Noosa or Byron Bay better?

Byron is a great spot and well worth the visit however I would choose Noosa for a longer stay because there is a lot more to do around the Noosa area if you were on a longer stay. Geography wise, Noosa offers a lot more as it has not only the beaches but also the salt water lake and river system to explore.

What is there to do between Brisbane and Sunshine Coast?

Brisbane to Noosa road trip itinerary

  • Bribie Island.
  • Glass House Mountains.
  • Noosa National Park.
  • Great Sandy National Park.
  • Surfing and boating in the Gold Coast.
  • Noosa Everglades.
  • Stunning sunsets over mountains and rivers.

How far is Noosa from Brisbane?

Approximately 162 km north of Brisbane, Noosa is located in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It’s a 2-hour drive (or ride aboard a Brisbane to Noosa bus) and just around half an hour if from the Sunshine Coast Airport.

Can you catch a train from Gold Coast to Brisbane?

No, there is no direct train from Gold Coast station to Brisbane station. However, there are services departing from Cypress Avenue station and arriving at Central station, platform 3 via Helensvale station, platform 2. The distance between Gold Coast and Brisbane is 71 km.

What is the population of the Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast is located in Queensland, Australia. The population of the city was 346,522 as of 2016. It is the ninth most populous city in Australia. The city has been experiencing a growing population as it is becoming known as a center for innovation and is the location of many new startups.

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