FAQ: When Did The Brisbane Floods 2011 Occur?

When did the Brisbane Floods 2011 finish?

The 2010–11 Queensland floods were a series of floods in Australia which began in December 2010 and ended in January 2011. The majority of the floods were in Queensland including its capital city, Brisbane.

When did the 2011 flood occur?

There were 35 confirmed deaths, a number that had not been reached in Queensland since 1927. The flood waters in Brisbane peaked at 4.46 metres at 4am on Thursday, January 13, and 322 millimetres of rain was received over the Brisbane River catchment for the five days.

What flood happened in 2011?

Mississippi River flood of 2011, flooding of the Mississippi River valley in the central United States from late April to May 2011 on a scale not seen since the floods of 1927 and 1937.

What type of flood was the 2011 Brisbane flood?

The period December 2010 to January 2011 coincided with a strong La Niña event, often associated with extreme rainfall and widespread flooding in eastern Australia. The flood has been termed a “dam release flood ” by hydrologists appointed by the Insurance Council of Australia.

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What were the impacts of the Brisbane floods 2011?

The economic and commercial impact of the floods was significant. Approximately 3 572 businesses were inundated, with an estimated $4 billion in losses across the mining, agriculture and tourism sectors. Nineteen thousand kilometres of road were damaged, and three major ports significantly affected.

Who was affected by Brisbane floods 2011?

At least 90 towns and over 200,000 people were affected. Damage initially was estimated at around A$1 billion before it was raised to $2.38 billion. The estimated reduction in Australia’s GDP is about A$30 billion.

How many animals died in the 2011 Brisbane floods?

Catastrophic Queensland floods killed 600,000 cattle and devastated native species.

What were the impacts of the 2011 floods?

The 2011 survey reported that direct flood exposure had significant effects on the perceived physical and psychosocial health outcomes of residents in flood-affected areas. Those affected were more likely to report poor overall and respiratory health, psychological distress, poor sleep quality and probable PTSD.

Did bulimba flood 2011?

The 2011 floods showed no mercy for most Brisbane suburbs and one of the most affected is Bulimba. Data from RiskWise Property Research ranks Bulimba among the top Brisbane suburbs that delivered strong capital growth in a span of five years.

How much did the 2011 Brisbane flood cost?

Using the methodology shown in Appendix D for tangible costs, the total tangible cost associated with the 2010–11 Queensland floods is estimated at around $5.7 billion (2011 dollars) or $6.7 billion (2015 dollars).

How was Rocklea affected by the 2011 floods?

Flood devastation at Rocklea has dealt a double-pronged blow to business owners and the ecosystem. The flood waters that ripped through the industrial hub this week left a multi-million dollar trail of destruction, with trucking companies and the Rocklea fruit and vegetable markets among the hardest hit.

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Did Gatton flood in 2011?

UQ’s Gatton campus also experienced flooding, and a number of other UQ sites, including clinics and research sites in regional parts of South East Queensland, were also affected.

What caused the Missouri River flood 2011?

Officials said the surge in the river occurred when heavy rains in northern Iowa caused a major rise in the Nishnabotna River, which enters the Missouri River in Atchison County near Watson.

In what country did the January 2011 floods occur?

South Africa received above normal rainfall and flooding in early 2011. The floods caused unprecedented destruction, resulting in disruption in service delivery, displacement of people and loss of lives and livelihoods.

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