How To Get To Stradbroke Island From Brisbane Airport?

How do I get from North Stradbroke to Brisbane Airport?

You can hire a car or catch a taxi from the Gold Coast or Brisbane airports to Toondah Harbour, Cleveland where the ferries depart to North Stradbroke Island. Or book a shuttle bus from Brisbane Airport to the ferry terminal through Bay-Air Transfers – visit their website for times and fares or call 0422 691 971.

How long is the ferry from Brisbane to Stradbroke?

Sealink Stradbroke Island provides the vehicle ferry service to North Stradbroke Island and the trip is around 50 minutes. Services are hourly with extras being added at peak times over long weekends and school holidays.

How do I get to Stradbroke Island?

You can drive, hire a car, or catch a taxi from Brisbane to Toondah Harbour, Cleveland, where ferries depart to Stradbroke Island. You can take your vehicle on the ferry or leave it on the mainland. You can also take a shuttle from the Brisbane Airport directly to the ferry terminal.

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Can I take my car to Stradbroke Island?

While you can’t drive to Stradbroke Island, you can access the island by car via a vehicle taxi. Once on the island, you only need a 2WD car to access the three main townships – Dunwich, Amity, and Point Lookout – which are connected by sealed roads. A 4WD is only required for travelling over the beaches.

Which Stradbroke Island is better?

South Stradbroke Island is much less developed, with fewer tourists and locals roaming around. If you prefer the quiet life, the South is perfect for you, as it is filled with unspoiled scenery and tranquil activities.

Do I need to book ferry to Stradbroke Island?

Bookings are highly recommended for vehicular travel to or from North Stradbroke Island.

Is there public transport on Stradbroke Island?

The bus meets the water taxi services as they arrive in Dunwich, and transports passengers to Point Lookout, Amity Point or bus stops en route. The bus service also transports passengers from bus stops around the Island back to the water taxi services.

Can you take a caravan to Stradbroke Island?

We take the caravan over on the barge & stay at Amity Point, Main Beach & Flinders Beach campgrounds. It’s one of our favourite Islands off the east coast because of it’s easy access and awesome beaches. It also has lots of facilities including a Pub, Great Coffee and a grocery store.

Is there Uber on Stradbroke Island?

There is a small taxi company Stradbroke Cab Service on the island and their number is 0408 193 685. There are currently no Uber Services on North Stradbroke Island.

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Can you walk around North Stradbroke Island?

The walk is 950m and ends at Deadman’s Beach. Keep following the beaches until you reach picture-perfect Cylinder Beach. The waves at this patrolled surf beach are usually quite calm, making it an ideal place for a swim. There are also barbecue, playground and camping facilities here.

Can you take your dog to Stradbroke Island?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Stradbroke Island. Your furry friend can travel with you on both the water taxi and vehicle ferry. You’ll also find several dog-friendly accommodation options at Point Lookout and Amity Point, as well as foreshore camping sites on Main and Flinders Beach that permit pets.

Is it safe to swim at Stradbroke Island?

The beaches on North Stradbroke Island are crystal clear and the island is blessed with wonderful weather all year round meaning no matter when you visit you can still swim! Just make sure you choose patrolled beaches when swimming in the sea.

Can you swim in Blue Lake Stradbroke Island?

The lake is suitable for swimming and in the shallow water it looked crystal clear. If you love easy walks and you love discovering miracles in the middle of the forest then this walk will be worth every minute of it. A few tips: there is no amenities around the lake area so make sure you bring food and water.

Do you need a permit to drive on Stradbroke Island?

North Stradbroke Island has great four-wheel-drive bush tracks and kilometres of sandy beaches you can drive on. Vehicle Access Permits are required for driving in designated beach and bush areas on the Island. The permit fee maintains, improves and supports the Island’s natural areas.

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