How To Pay Toll Online Brisbane?

How do I pay a toll in Brisbane?

In Queensland, the toll payment provider is Linkt. To pay your toll please contact Linkt on 13 33 31 or at

How do I link my Linkt and e toll?

How to transfer a toll notice to another toll operator

  1. Go to the pay a toll notice page.
  2. Enter your licence plate number and the state in which your vehicle is registered.
  3. If the vehicle is a motorbike, check the relevant box.
  4. Select Search for toll notices.
  5. Select the toll notice(s) you would like to pay.

Can you pay Linkt with BPAY?

You can pay for your toll road travel directly from your bank account via BPAY if your Linkt account is set up for manual payments. You can also pay toll invoices or notices with BPAY. The BPAY Biller Code and reference number can be found at the bottom of your statement or invoice.

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How do I pay a toll without a tag Qld?

If your licence plate number isn’t registered to your account, you may receive a toll invoice or notice and be charged additional fees. To avoid this, make sure you add each of your vehicles to your account. You can do this by logging in online. You can also buy a pass within 5 days of your trip.

How do I avoid toll roads in Brisbane?

open google maps. Enter the destination. GO to options, click on avoid tolls. drive.

Do you pay m6 toll both ways?

If you’re travelling along the M6toll heading further afield northbound or southbound, you’ ll pay at one of two mainline toll plazas. If your route means you’ll travel on just part of the M6toll by coming off at one of our local junction plazas, you will be charged a lower rate at the tolling booths.

Is EWAY and Etoll the same?

The technology has different names depending on the issuer – such as Eastlink (Eastlink Melbourne), Linkt (Queensland), E-toll (Roads & Traffic Authority NSW) and E-way ( Sydney motorways M5 and M1), however these are all interchangeable across Australia and no surcharges apply for use on other operators’ toll roads.

How do I get a refund from E Toll?

If you no longer live in NSW you can return your tag by registered post, with an accompanying letter advising that the tag is no longer required. You’ll need to pay any outstanding fees when closing the account, and your refund will be processed after 31 days.

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What is e-way toll?

E-way is the company that operates the M5 and ED tolls. For any e-tag, toll, or motorway collection enquiries, contact 1300 555 833 or visit

How do I pay tolls if I have no cash?

Without an attendant, most tolls now use cameras. This means, if you don’t pay, the camera will capture your license plate information, and you’ll be able to pay a few different ways. Most states send you the bill in the mail, allowing you to mail a check back, pay online, or call them!

Where can I pay my Linkt toll?

You can pay a toll notice and top up your account at participating United Petroleum or newsagent outlets. Payments can be made using a credit card, debit card or cash. A minimum payment of $20 applies for manual account top ups.

How do I put money on my Linkt account?

Click Update.

  1. Open the Linkt app.
  2. Tap Set Auto Top Up.
  3. Enter your Auto top-up and Trigger amount.
  4. Tap Next and choose a payment method.
  5. Tap Save.

How do you pay tolls in Qld?

In Queensland, the toll payment provider is Linkt. To pay your toll please contact Linkt on 13 33 31 or at Motorists may use their existing account arrangements with Linkt or any other Australian toll service provider to pay for their toll road travel in Queensland.

Can I pass through tolls without FASTag?

In order to pass a toll plaza and make the payment digitally, a vehicle now must have a FASTag installed on it. Vehicles, without FASTags, will be charged twice the original fee on passing a toll plaza.

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What happens if I don’t have an ETAG?

You can set up a Pass up to 30 days prior to travel or up to 3 days after you use a toll road. If you choose not to set up a Tag or Pass product, the trip will become eligible for a Toll Notice. The Toll Notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle that used the toll road.

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