Often asked: How Much Does It Cost To Park At Brisbane Airport?

How much does it cost to leave car at Brisbane Airport?

Brisbane Domestic Airport Parking Rates Short-term rates at the Domestic Terminal start at $9.00 for the first 30 minutes, and long- term parking starts at $22.00 for 24 hours. Online rates are often lower, with the price of short-term parking starting at $5.00, and long-term parking at $19.00.

Where can I park for free at Brisbane Airport?

Domestic Terminal Waiting Area If you’re picking up a passenger from the Domestic Terminal you can wait in the Pick Up Waiting Area for up to 30 minutes, free of charge. You’ll find this waiting area next to the P2 long-term car park, accessible via Dyandra Road.

How long can you park at Brisbane Airport?

You can wait for up to 30 minutes free at the Domestic Terminal and 10 minutes free at the International Terminal. Alternatively, try waiting for your passengers in one of these places.

Why you should never park at the airport?

In addition, there is a risk that you could return to a damaged car. Not all airport lots are covered, leaving your vehicle exposed to the elements. Plus, there’s no accounting for other drivers accidentally scratching doors, denting bumpers, or cracking windows.

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Can I drop at Brisbane Airport?

The easiest way to pick up or drop off a passenger at the International Terminal is the short term car park. Book online one hour or more in advance, and you’ll only pay $5 per hour for up to four hours of parking.

What is the name of Brisbane Airport?

Brisbane Airport (BNE) is the primary airport serving Brisbane and Queensland. It is located approximately 12 kilometres from the city centre and has two major terminals (Domestic and International).

Can I park my car in the airport?

The short answer is yes, you can leave your car at the airport, since most airports have long term parking. Generally, it’s cheaper to park at an off-airport lot than at the airport itself, but not always.

What time should you pick someone up from the airport?

Typically, it is recommended to schedule your pick up 30-40 minutes after your domestic flight landing time if you have check-in luggage, while 20 minutes after would be enough if you only have a carry-on.

Can you wait for someone at the airport gate?

An airline check-in agent can issue an escort pass to someone with a government-issued photo ID who wishes to accompany a minor child or a person with a disability, age-related or not, to a departure gate. Escort pass holders must clear airport security and comply with the same regulations as an airline passenger.

Can I arrive late for airport parking?

The airport car park operators know that not everything runs 100% smoothly when it comes to travel, so if it’s a minor delay of 20 minutes or so, you probably have nothing to worry about. With each car park, you’ll generally get a grace period where you ‘re covered for a certain amount of time.

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Can I cancel airport parking?

Yes, you can cancel your airport parking booking as long as you haven’t booked a lower cost non-flexible service, but check your operator’s terms and conditions for specific details. Our advice is to cancel your booking in writing and at the earliest opportunity to avoid unnecessary charges.

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