Quick Answer: How Far Is Port Macquarie From Brisbane?

How far is Port Macquarie from the Queensland border?

The distance between Port Macquarie and Queensland is 1320 km. The road distance is 538.7 km.

Where should I stop between Brisbane and Port Macquarie?

Re: Must see between Port Macquarie and Brisbane? Dorrigo would be a nice drive and the walk around the waterfall track is also an easy walk, hence the suggestion of Coffs and Bellingen (which is also a nice stop by itself).

Does Port Macquarie have a train station?

Port Macquarie does not have a railway station, but approximately 20 min west of Port Macquarie is Wauchope, which is serviced by the North Coast Railway Line. Services to Wauchope originate at Central Station in Sydney and take around 7 h. Wauchope is serviced by three trains a day from Sydney.

Is Port Macquarie better than Coffs Harbour?

If it is to relax and just enjoy the beach, then port Macquarie is prettier and more relaxed. Coffs has better shopping and not as much of a holiday feel. But if you are looking for day trips then there are some fabulous places to visit just near Coffs like bellingen, sawtell and into the mountains behind town.

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Are there crocodiles in Port Macquarie?

Caught crocodile is largest for the year | Port Macquarie News | Port Macquarie, NSW.

What town is halfway between Sydney and Brisbane?

Coffs Harbour, or ‘Coffs’, is roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. It has enough to see for an overnight stay from an iconic Australian ‘big’ attraction to amazing wildlife. Coffs is home to one of Australia’s best known big things – the Big Banana.

Where should I stop between Brisbane and Byron Bay?

Ultimate weekend road trip: Brisbane to Byron Bay

  • What’s the route?
  • Find yourself some transport.
  • Stop 1: Hit the road and head to Cedar Creek Falls | 1 hour drive.
  • Stop 2: Refresh at Gallery Walk | 10-minute drive.
  • Stop 3: Stop by Natural Bridge | 1 hour drive.
  • Stop 4: Murwillumbah for milkshakes | 35-minute drive.

Can you drive Brisbane to Sydney a day?

There are plenty of options as you leave Brisbane and head through the Gold Coast. Once you get into NSW there are fuel stops at every major town. Can you complete the drive between Brisbane and Sydney in a day? Yes.

Is Port Macquarie a safe place to live?

The general feel of Port Macquarie is relaxed, laidback and safe, with a palpable community spirit. It’s long been a favourite of retirees and now attracts families to its welcoming shores.

Does it flood in Port Macquarie?

Residents in a small community north of Port Macquarie say their town looks like a “war zone” in the wake of the worst flooding of their lifetimes. I’ ve never encountered a flood like this one.” Ms Butlin said there was a long clean-up ahead. “It’s a disaster, the floor is muddy,” she said.

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Can I catch a train from Sydney to Port Macquarie?

Getting to Port Macquarie The Grafton, Casino and Brisbane XPT trains run daily from Sydney and stop at Wauchope. The Grafton XPT has a connecting coach to Port Macquarie.

Is Coffs Harbour better than Byron Bay?

I would venture to say that travelers in search of tranquility, peace and beauty would prefer Coffs, while those who want to party and socialize are better off in Byron, but these rules aren’t hard and fast — there are plenty of parties down south in Coffs Harbour and there’s a great deal of incredible scenery in and

Is Port Macquarie a good holiday destination?

Port Macquarie accommodation caters to every budget, from affordable caravan parks to serviced apartments and good-value hotels. With all these places to visit and amenities, it’s no wonder this friendly town is one of the top getaways from Sydney.

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