Quick Answer: How Much Is A Go Card Brisbane?

Is it cheaper to use a go card?

go card is at least 30 per cent cheaper than a single paper ticket. Travel in off-peak and save a further 20 per cent. Travel between 8.30am and 3.30pm, after 7pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and on public holidays to receive an additional 20 per cent saving off your go card fare.

How much does a TransLink go card cost?

When you purchase your go card you’ll pay a refundable deposit of $10 (adult) or $5 (child, concession, senior).

Can I get a go card at Brisbane Airport?

You can purchase, top-up, receive a balance and obtain a refund on your go card at the Domestic and International Airport stations. Adult, Concession (except for Tertiary/ Post-secondary student), Senior and Child go cards can be purchased at the Airport stations.

Does go card work in Gold Coast?

Use go card on all TransLink bus, train (including Airtrain), ferry and tram services in greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast regions.

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Can I travel without a go card?

If you don’t have an Opal card or contactless payment card or device, you will need to buy an Opal single trip ticket to travel.

Does a go card expire?

Your go card travel credit does not expire. If you don’t use your go card for 5 years, your card becomes dormant and you cannot use it to travel. However, you can apply for a refund of any unused credit on your card, along with the refundable deposit.

How much is train from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

Fare and total travel time estimates: The trip time for the train from Brisbane city to Surfers Paradise/Broadbeach/Main Beach/Southport is approx 1 HR and 49 MIN. Est. cost $15.20 (cheaper with a go card)

How do I apply for a concession go card online?

How do I apply for concession fares in SEQ? You can apply for concession fares online or over the phone by calling 13 12 30 anytime. If you have registered your go card, simply login to your online account and click the ‘My Details’ tab and enter your concession details to apply.

Why is Brisbane Airport train so expensive?

It’s more expensive because it’s privately owned land.

How much does an uber cost from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast?

Uber can get you from: Brisbane Airport to Brisbane CBD, starting at $32. Brisbane Airport to South Bank, starting at $34. Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast, starting at $102.

How much is a taxi from Brisbane Airport to the city?

Passengers can expect to pay $45 – $55 (one way for a trip from the airport to Brisbane City). Outside of peak periods, it is approximately a 20 minute drive from the airport to the city.

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Is tram free in Gold Coast?

Almost one in 10 people ride Gold Coast trams for free, costing the state more than $1 million in lost revenue. There were about 8.7 million passenger trips on Gold Coast light rail in 2016-17. Of those, it was estimated about 724,000 trips were taken without the fare being paid.

Can I use my Opal card in Queensland?

The travel card is called Opal in New South Wales, myki in Victoria, metrocard in Adelaide, SmartRider in Perth, go card in Queensland, Greencard in Tasmania and MyWay in Canberra.

How do you pay for the tram in Gold Coast?

You can use a Visa, Mastercard or American Express contactless debit or credit card, smartphone or smart watch to pay for an adult fare across all G:link stations. Prepare early. Get your smart device ready to tap or remove your card from your wallet or case.

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